Ideal Balance is the business that allows me to provide the kind of Bodywork I always wanted to receive. I personally have had neck injuries that left me debilitated in the past. Massage therapy was the helping hand that lead to my body healing and got me back to feeling like a normal person. It is because of this that I became a massage therapist at 19 and have spent the last 10 years developing my massage training to create a form of bodywork that helps with various issues and is focused on understanding each clients body and lifestyle to help them meet their health goals.


To do this I charge a flat rate for my time and include all my trained modalities in my bodywork sessions so that I assess each client and build a bodywork program to match their specific needs and help them reach their health goals.


The body is an integration of various tissue systems that are all interconnected and influence one another. When there is an imbalance between these systems, we typically experience it as pain or discomfort. It is imperative for body workers to understand this interdependence of systems in order to find and solve the core issue of imbalances, leading to lasting results.